The International Conference on Information Processing and Management of Uncertainty in Knowledge-Based Systems (IPMU) has been organized every two years from 1986 with the focus of bringing together scientists working on methods for the management of uncertainty and aggregation for the exchange of ideas between theoreticians and practitioners in these and related areas. The forthcoming edition will be held in Cádiz, the oldest city in Western Europe.

You can see below the websites of the most recent editions of IPMU:

– Eindhoven, Netherlands. IPMU 2016. http://is.ieis.tue.nl/ipmu/
– Montpellier, France. IPMU 2014.  http://www.ipmu2014.univ-montp2.fr/
– Catania, Italy. IPMU 2012. http://www.ipmu2012.unict.it/ipmu/
– Dortmund, Germany. IPMU 2010.
– Málaga, Spain. IPMU 2008. http://www.gimac.uma.es/ipmu08/
– Paris, France. IPMU 2006. http://ipmu2006.lip6.fr/

More information is available in the official webpage of the conference: http://ipmu.lip6.fr

Cádiz in only one minute.